1.53 Phenomenal Acres Only $199 MO

It’s time to make your way to the phenomenal state of Oregon. Secure this once in a life time opportunity and create your own secluded playground. Located close to numerous waterways like the Crater Lake Trolley and Putnam’s Point.

Take the jet skis out for a spin or rent a yacht for the day and enjoy a romantic ride on your new found love boat. You can even take things down a notch and camp under the vibrant stars on your own property. It’s time to escape to the shadows of Oregon’s city of Sunshine and just take a load off. This property is at the center of some of the finest countryside available in the entire state.

If you’re a lover of history and the advancement of technology then this property is just what you need. Visit the Collier Logging Museum or the Train Mountain Railroad Museum located only hour away from the property. The miniature trains are a sure thrill when you need to experience something a bit different.

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Property Details:

Parcel ID: 3511-022B0-01900

Address: Sandy Hill Way, Chilloquin, OR 97624

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/np6mF1xwQtekpb8d6

Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WLbkY6NINUANCN–3DSJNUaBiEQfqkyS

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

NW 42.525962, -121.400935

NE 42.526024, -121.399669

SE 42.525506, -121.399619

SW 42.525436, -121.400930

Terms Pricing: $399 down + $199/month for 60 months

Cash Price: $8,999

Doc Fee (non-refundable): $199