2 Acres of Solace Only $99 Monthly

Are you longing for a stunning location to build a home and raise your family? Do you also want somewhere that is secluded so you can retreat to solace whenever you want? If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck. Today I’m offering natures’ finest 2 acres, located in Luna County, New Mexico.

This magnificent lot offers much more than sunshine and open spaces. Here’s your chance to experience a world of wonders when you make the move to this stunning county. A peace of mind and epic adventures can be yours now for a fraction of the cost. Go camping in your backyard, or bring out your ATV and create trails surrounding your property. If you’re a lover of dirt bike riding then you’ll surely be in for a treat when you seal this deal.

The entire county is an open road. Take a short trip to Pit Park and live a little on the wild side. Or take a drive down to the Spring Canyon State Park and watch the breathtaking view of the rocky mountainsides. And don’t forget to check out Nacio Herb Brown Memorial Park for its green playground and splash park. This deal will end soon. Contact us for more info.

Buy Now: https://app.geekpay.io/dp/lloyd-ippolito/3034152458193-3034152446193-3034152446212-3034152458212

Property Details

Parcel ID: 3034152458193 ; 3034152446193 ; 3034152446212 ; 3034152458212

Address: Hummingbird Ln, Deming, NM 88030

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/8SuEGdWvTJCWpFG87

Conveyance: Warranty Deed

NW 32.063383, -107.466267

NE 32.063385, -107.465521

SE 32.062355, -107.465516

SW 32.062351, -107.466264

Terms Pricing: $199 down and $99 per month for 60 months

Cash Price: $3000

Doc Fee (non-refundable): $199