Find Your Life’s Purpose on 4.84 acres only $160 monthly

Sometimes you just need to get away to find out exactly where you belong. This 4.84 Acre lot is just the opportunity you need to find your own way and experience the true tranquility of Colorado! Allow your creativity to run wild on this great 4.84-acre property. This lot is just a blank new slate to take your life to an entirely new level. Add a swimming pool into the mix and a lounge area to keep you busy. Get those grills ready and let the celebration begin! Spend your days doing all you love and your nights resting well for the new day a head. Enjoy all the new freedom space now at your disposal and create your own wonderland.

A self-sufficient garden will be a great addition to your space. The entire county is an open road to travel, sight-see and allow yourself to live a little.  Only a few minutes from the Scenic Spot, make date nights a thing again with this secluded lot.

When life calls for adventure, sandboard or just take a tour at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. It’s time to wake up to gorgeous views and a peace of mind. Send me a message now for more info.

Parcel number: 70326520
– County:  Costilla, CO 
– Acres: 4.84
GPS Coordinates: 
37.324915, -105.477733 NW
37.324916, -105.476625 NE
37.323119, -105.476624 SE
37.323118, -105.477730 SW

– Only $160 monthly for 60 months + $250 down