Flip Those Coins on 1 Acre Lot only $99 monthly  

You’re in for a steal when you snatch this one-acre gem. Invest and reap the rewards of this stunning investment. This unique level property located in warm New Mexico is truly an investor’s dream. It’s time to make the first step to building a future surrounded with gorgeous luminous skies and more space than what you’re accustomed to. Rejuvenate both your mind and body when you make the move to fresh air with little to no congestion. Your new one acre escape from city traffic is just waiting to be claimed. Park your RV and have an out of this world experience at the City of Rocks State Park.

Take your time to appreciate the new freedom space and do whatever you want! If country living isn’t exactly your thing. Then flip those dollars when you resell at a profit. Decide how much you’re willing to make and perhaps turn it into the new family business. Your journey starts here. 
We know you want to know more details. Text us at (631) 309-2453 for more info. 


Parcel number: 3046144313280, 3046144310296

County: Luna 

State: New Mexico 

 Acres: 1

GPS Coordinates:

32.174425, -107.675662 NW
32.174422, -107.675205 NE
32.173571, -107.675125 SE
32.173570, -107.675578 SW


Down Payment: $99

Monthly Payment: $99 for 24 months