Take a Breather on 2.5 Acres in NM only $149 monthly

Live life on the open road or take a breather at home. This 2.5-acre property in Deming is the ultimate getaway. Imagine a life without excess noise, clean fresh air and unlimited fun and adventure! Use your space to train for extreme sports or enjoy an old-fashioned off grid lifestyle- the choice is yours! Take a tour of the Pit Park located just a few minutes away from the property. Take the mountain bikes and the ATVs to the pit and take a ride on the wild side! Take turns gliding down each slope and enjoy the thrill of it all! We know you want to know more details. Text us at (631)309-2453 for more info. 


Parcel number: 3037143207412

County: Luna 

State: New Mexico 

 Acres: 2.5

GPS Coordinates:

NW 32.188103, -107.511079

NE 32.187222, -107.509998

SE 32.187218, -107,511087

SW 32.187222, -107.509998


Down Payment: $100

Monthly Payment: $149 for 60 months