Unrestricted 1.5 Acres in Luna County

Are you looking for somewhere to call home? A place of relaxation and comfort? Well, look no further. We have the PERFECT place for you. With no more mortgage to pay, you can cozy up in your little homestead on this pristine 1.5-acre lot in Luna County, New Mexico. Enjoy the feel of being tucked away on your own private lot and enjoy your new life in the vast country side. No more need to worry about high rent or crammed small spaces when you purchase this lot at such a remarkably low price.

It’s time to live out your dreams, NOW! Put those hard-earned dollars to good use and live out your best life in the great outdoors! Unlock your true potential and build that dream home you’ve always envisioned. If you’re an adventurer even better!

Come pitch your tents and enjoy camping on this lot. Create your own off grid tracks surrounding your property on your dirt bike or ATV and enjoy the sheer thrill of it all. Craving a hike? Check out the Florida Mountains Wilderness Study Area and the Spring Canyon State Park, both located only a few minutes from the property. Take photos and make those memories to last a lifetime! Take on the slopes at Pit Park and make it a wild experience with a few close friends.

If you’re a lover of history even better! Close to several museums and historical landmarks this property will certainly keep you busy. Deming Luna Mimbres Museum and Veterans’ Park for starters would be a great visit. Let’s work on making your dreams come true.

Parcel number: 3054153045120-3054153057120-3054153068120
– County: Luna, NM
– Acres: 1.5 Acres
– Access Road: Madison RD
GPS Coordinates:
NW GPS: 32.049547, -107.7936445 NE GPS: 32.0495442, -107.7925315 SE GPS: 32.049023, -107.7925274 SW GPS: 32.0490261, -107.7936408
– Only $125 monthly for 24 months + $125 down $199 non-refundable doc fee