Grab Hold of Adventures on 10 Acres! Only $295/Mo 

Are you looking forward to spectacular days in the great outdoors? Well, we have just the thing! 10 acres in Costilla County allows you the opportunity to escape the city life with ease. Build your dream home here and do all the things you love in this off-grid area. Take the opportunity to spend those mornings on the front porch and enjoy the stunning views. 

Reward yourself with absolute beauty and fall in love with this area filled with excitement and adventures! Use the well-maintained roads to access the amenities and nearby attractions. Make your first stop at the Great Sand Dunes ONLY 45 minutes away! Transform your day into a family fun day and go sand boarding, making it a competition. Feel the sun on your face and have some great moments with those you love. Then, make your next stop at the Zapata Falls! Here, you have the opportunity to go hiking and take a few pictures of the stunning views. Fall in love with the cascading 25-foot falls for the BEST experiences. And on your way back home, stop by your favorite restaurant and grab the best thing on the menu. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Send me a message for more info!! 

We know you want to know more details. Text us at (631)309-2453 for more info.

Property info: 

State: Colorado County: Costilla 

Acres: 10

Parcel Number: 70305840

GPS Center 37°19′58.56′′N, 105°31’48.29″W GPS NW 37°20’1.70′′N, 105°31’52.28″W 

GPS NE 37°20′1.59′′N, 105°31’44.20′′W GPS SE 37°19′55.42′′N, 105°31’44.23″W GPS SW 37°19’55.51″N, 105°31’52.29″W
Pricing: $500 down / $295/month for 72 months

Or $13,000 cash