Just what The Doctor Ordered! 5 Acres Close to the Mountains only $300 Mo

Picture perfect scenery right next door to the mountains! This 5-acre property, nestled right in the gorgeous outback is the change that you so definitely need. Located right in the shadows of Mount Blanca and Mount Lindsey, only a few minutes from the Mountain Home Reservoir. Spend your days casting your rods, hiking or embarking on an entirely new adventure.

This pristine lot in the middle of nowhere with a lifetime supply of fresh air, is just what the doctor ordered. Use this blank canvas to build your home and create new memories daily.  Your journey to a stress free and rent-free existence starts here. It’s time to create a brighter tomorrow, starting today. Let’s talk some more about land. Send me a message now for more info.

We know you want to know more details. Text us at (631)309-2453 for more info.


Parcel number: 70268430

 County: Costilla

State: CO

 Acres: 5

GPS Coordinates:

Center 37.4795098, -105.5175637

NW 37.437603, -105.381161

NE 37.438308, -105.379794

SE 37.437261, -105.378958

SW 37.436611, -105.380728


Down Payment: $500

Monthly Payment: $300 for 72 months

Or $13,000.00 cash
Doc Fee: $249