Rewarding ½ acres in NM only $75 monthly

Take the high road to self-sufficiency and self-gratitude and treat yourself to the best deal out there in New Mexico. Grab a deal that just keeps on giving in the Land of Enrichment and finally make all your dreams come true. The perfect place to start over start thinking about what you’d like this 0.5 acre lot to be transformed into. Whether it be a ranch to get away from everything, a homestead or just a place to enjoy the winter in warmth. This property will definitely be the life altering change you desperately need.

Level, wide open spaces are just a few perks associated with moving to the countryside. It’s time to allow your dreams to take form on this captivating property. It’s time to make the first step. Grab this offer now while you still can-contact me today.

We know you want to know more details. Text us at (631)309-2453 for more info. 


Parcel number: 3035144136322

County: Luna 

State: New Mexico 

 Acres: 0.5

GPS Coordinates:

32.175851, -107.474275 NW
32.175853, -107.473907 NE

32.175328, -107.473892 SE

32.175325, -107.474260 SW


Down Payment: $100

Monthly Payment: $75 for 24 months

Closing Cost: $199